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Failing in the Right Direction - Archived Webinar

What happens at your library when something doesn't go according to plan? Do you or your colleagues find yourselves:

  • Apologizing and promising not to let that happen again?
  • Pointing out the circumstances that were beyond your control?
  • Worrying about how this setback might affect your budget or your career?
  • Wishing that other people had done more to support you?
  • Or just feeling generally down and discouraged?

We hear a lot about the need for innovation and risk taking in the workplace but not so much about the flip side of that coin: failure. Failure happens. Some even say that there is no creativity without failure. In fact, many success stories - Thomas Edison, Vera Wang, Jay-Z, Dr. Seuss - are prefaced by accounts of repeated failures. Even so, the library environment has not been especially tolerant of imperfect outcomes. If we want to continue to change and grow, we'll need to rethink how we deal with failure.

This 1-hour webinar is presented via WebJunction.

Open to all library faculty and staff.   LTA Credit = 1-hr

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Tuesday, December 10, 2019
All Day Event
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